PK culture: As with most Phrags, water quality is critical when growing PKs. We recommend keeping the media evenly moist all through the year, using RO or rainwater. The media must be open and very porous. 

We use 1/4" crushed granite stones up to 50% of the mixture, plus chopped tree fern, charcoal, perlite and a small amount of fir bark. 5% of the mix is based on
crushed seashells and eggshells.                 more >>

PK Habitat: PKs have been found to grow in the northern side of the Sub-Andean basin, in the Peruvian regions of Amazonas and San Martin, at elevations of 5250-6400 feet (1600– 1950 m.) in tropical cloud forests.  The geological substrate Pk plants grow on is cretacean limestone. The annual rain fall is 40-60", (1000-1500 mm). Average temperature in summer is...
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